470 Ranking event – WPNSA

After a nudge from their RYA coach, Alex and Rob entered the 470 Autumn ranker event at Weymouth. They arrived at WPNSA on day 1 to look at their borrowed boat for the first time thinking…..what do all these ropes do? we’ve never sailed one before! and we’re sailing in the same race as Luke Patience and Hannah Mills!!!! right, lets get on with it!!!

Day 1- some great racing and a steady 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th of 11, not bad for a first time sailing alongside Olympic podium & podium potential squad sailors, being the only team to have not sailed a 470 before…oh and only one capsize!
Day 2 – the wind growing steadily throughout, close sailing, 3 finishes ahead of men’s podium potential teams, no capsizes, racing finishing in 30knots.

The boys made steady improvement against full time professional sailors, 2nd overall of the 5 traveling youth squad boats with good starts throughout. They had a great weekend, achieving what they set out to do.