Cadet Race Training

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Cadet Winter Training 2015/2016

The Cadet Winter Programme 2015-2016 has been a bit of a non starter due to poor weather conditions, we hope to change that with the new ******Saturday Afternoon Cadet Club******
Details to follow…..

But first we hope to have a training weekend on the 19th/20th March, rigged and ready for 10:00am Saturday 19th. If successful and enough demand there will be further training during the Easter weekend.

So not too long to make sure you have:

A Cadet which is safe to use, plus a usable spinnaker, appropriate warm sailing gear (inclusive of hat & gloves etc), insurance, lake license and (if your cadet is kept in the yard) an up to date boat space.

Please Note:

Parental help is essential for the training to take place, your names will be added to a rota (it is your responsibility to ensure cover if you cannot attend).

Help will be needed for the following, :

Launch and recovery of the RIBS/juniors

Overseeing lunch (and helping with soup etc when needed)

Cleaning up the training room after training/juniors have finished


Paul (Colquitt)


How Can We Help Help Our Junior Sailors Improve

A question that we all ask is “Can the juniors have more race
training and how can they improve their sailing”.

The answers are always simple and lie with both the juniors and ourselves
“parents”. We have to put training on, help them to attend, and they
need to spend as much time on the water as possible.

What basics do juniors need to be a good racer?
1) A decent sea worthy dinghy in fairly good condition with usable
sails and a spinnaker.
2) A steady and reliable crew to train with.
3) As much time on the water as possible.
4) An idea or plan of how much they would like to improve over the next
12 months.
5) Proper warm sailing clothing including hat and gloves.

What do they need to do next to improve their racing?
1) More time on the water.
2) Competition & sail in the slow handicap series.
3) Training whenever possible and more time on the water.
4) An idea or plan of how much they would like to improve over the next
6 months.

What do they need to do to improve their racing, sailing even more?
1)Step up their level of competition by entering other events away from
2)Sail in bigger fleets.
3)Even more time on the water.
4)Practise their starts.
5)Practise their mark rounding’s.
6)Read their rule book.
7)Have a definite goal of where they want to be in 6 months and review
whether they have achieved it, if not why not?

The next step
1) Try for a place in the zones, squads.
2) Sail in the Nationals “Torquay 2015” on a big start line.
3) Keep asking questions, keep learning and put in time on the water.
4) Review improvements and set new goals.
5) Practise starts, mark roundings, spinnakers, and time themselves.
6) Travel to events.
7) Look after their boat, polish the hull, make sure its in good race
condition with possibly new sails.
8) Get quality training and review their progress.

If there are more boats behind them than in front they are now becoming
good fleet racers.

Paul (Colquitt)

WKSC Cadet Class Captain
mob 07836 279993