Limbo Fleet Cruise to Beaumaris – 2nd & 3rd June

So, after weeks of great weather, Saturday 2nd came along with wet and miserable conditions – and virtually no wind.

5 Limbos – Avalon, Frolic, Sea Wolf, Legend and Bacchus made it off their moorings successfully, Altima had engine issues, so the crew transferred to Frolic, a kind gesture by Mark and Wendy, but they were later to inflict the new crew members with a seven hour dose of 80’s chart hits with no escape route – is this the price paid for crewing on Frolic?

The weather improved to become dry but remained murky until approaching Great Orme when the sun came out and provided some great scenery.

Wildlife seen en-route included a pair of porpoise, one or two seals and the usual seabirds – other amusements included the frequent topping up of Avalon’s engine, so frequent that Paul chucked the filler cap away as an unnecessary accessory – and even more frequent than one old guy’s need to relieve his bladder – both probably need their reservoirs looking at! Mainsails gave a little support to the stress on outboards, but there was little if any real sailing.

It was a pretty late arrival on the floating pier at Beaumaris, but forward planning had us all tied up in short order and away to RAYC where the friends of WKSC had agreed to keep the bar open – thanks for that.

After a curry and more refreshments, it was away to bed for the crews, or so we thought – some older fleet members who should have known better decided an ‘All Nighter’ was called for – music and lighting provided by Xenopus. Unacceptable levels of noise followed, but the local constabulary must have thought better of getting involved and it appeared to finish a little short of 5.00am!!!!

Up at 5.30am to clear the pier, apparently to make way for a VIP guest (Robert Downey Jr – did he ever arrive?), then a long motor back home. Wind, remember that, eventually appeared as we approached Talacre and in sufficient strength to allow a short race back to the moorings. We bumped over the sandbanks and finished at the moorings a little before high tide.


1st Sea Wolf
2nd Legend
3rd Frolic
4th Bacchus
5th Avalon

Finally, back to the clubhouse for re-hydration and a BBQ.

A great first cruise for the Limbo fleet, everyone enjoyed the challenge and all the boats performed well. Thanks to Jamie and Pete for the routing information and smoothing the way with RAYC and to Bill and Trig and the Club ribs for the support getting out to the boats Saturday and back ashore Sunday.

Bob Mosedale
Limbo Fleet Captain