Ready to launch at West Kirby," waiting for the tide".

Ready to launch at West Kirby,” waiting for the tide”.

Sailing off Hilbre Island

Sailing off Hilbre Island

The awsome "Great Orme" as seen from the sea

The awsome “Great Orme” as seen from the sea

Awaiting one's turn, "Haul Out" at WKSC

Awaiting one’s turn, “Haul Out” at WKSC

Sailing through "Puffin Sound" Anglesey

Sailing through “Puffin Sound” Anglesey








Hi, welcome to the cruiser page:

The cruiser fleet, according to the club handbook, is the largest fleet in the club with over 125 boats listed. These boats are moored and sailed not only locally but all over the country and even the world. They vary in both size and shape, some comfortable for cruising, others pure racing machines. We also have some small launches and motor cruisers in the fleet

About 50 of these assorted craft, mainly with bilge keels, due to the drying out of the local moorings, take to the water and winter at West Kirby, some spending the summer moored here in the Dee, others venturing to Beaumaris, other North Wales ports, and the Isle of Man.

There is a wealth of knowledge within the cruiser fleet of all things sailing, mechanical, etc and there are always, especially in the winter months, members around the yard willing to part with any advice required.

We meet on the first Thursday of the month in the Club main room for  social chit-chat and a pint……..Do please come and join us.


I’m Dave Knowles and currently the Cruiser Fleet Captain on the Sailing Committee, if you have any queries, suggestions or needs please contact me by e-mail to