Lark Activities

These are some of the activities the Lark fleet have been up to recently

Lark team practices

Monday 10 June – racing starts
The West Kirby Larks gathered in force on Monday 10 June, heading out onto the lake for some team sailing. The conditions were great – windy with strong gusts and perfect blue skies. We enjoyed some practice races and swapped crews and boats. This was a great opportunity to share tips and advice amongst the crews, and get to know each other and our boats better.


Monday 15 July – spinnakers
We were blessed with nice light winds, straight down the lake, for our session to practice spinnakers. We started by discussing rigging, hoisting, sailing, gybing and dropping on-shore, gathered around one of the boats. We then launched and set about practicing. It’s easy when you know how!
Monday 29 July – tuning
Again, we timed it correctly for the weather as it was blowing old boots. So we took shelter ’round by the boat sheds, with one of the Larks, and discussed – at length – the various controls for tuning the Larks. We were all keen to know not just what to do, but why, something that is often difficult to glean from more technical descriptions. We will be aiming to build on this knowledge through the rest of the season, and have constructed a tuning matrix to help us each time we go out… A further practice is planned…

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