Solo Class

The first Solo was designed and built over 50 years ago by Jack Holt, in recent years the National Solo sailing dinghy has boomed in popularity both at club and national level. Up to 12 or more boats race regularly, out of a total of 22 Solos currently registered at WKSC.
At WKSC we have class racing on Tuesday evenings between April and September, split into four ‘bite size’ series, W,X,Y and Z. The Solos also compete in handicap racing on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, special races, regattas, Bank Holiday series and Frostbite and Icicle series in the winter.
There is a very active Northern Travellers Series and a number of the Solo fleet regularly travel to Open and National events, WKSC members made up 20% of the qualifiers for the 2011 series. We will be hosting our own Northern Area Solo Open in September 2013, which will be sailed on the River Dee. However, most of our sailing is on the marine lake which is always available irrespective of the tide, a wonderful safe facility which is much appreciated.
New members are made very welcome and given all the help and advice they need. At WKSC the Solo fleet has a very active social programme for sailors and SWAGs (Solo wives and girlfriends). Currently we have no female members sailing in our fleet, even though there are a number of fine female Solo sailors around the country.
The convenience and ease of handling, rigging, launching and travelling are some of the Solo features attracting sailors who have previously sailed two handed boats. Although it is strictly of one design the Solo is very ‘technical’ having the ability for fine rig and sail tuning. Different rig and sail plans are available for wide range of helm weights and abilities. The fully battened single sail makes for a lively ride in a breeze and adds longevity to the sail, helping with ownership costs.
The modern boats are generally FRP and often use Kevlar sails. However older wooden boats and Dacron sails are still competitive in the right hands, modern boats are no guarantee of success in this class!
Please feel free to come along on race days and chat or contact myself Steve Ferrington – Solo Fleet Captain, Alan Leyland or Martin Hartley from the Solo fleet. Alternatively email us or Paul Jenkins, Sailing Secretary at WKSC.