Limbo 6.6 Class

The Limbo 6.6 fleet is the latest addition to WKSC’s tidal racing classes. Designed and built in the late 70’s early 80’s, the Limbo 6.6 is a pretty and rapid “mini-tonner” with a lifting keel and offers a new opportunity for one design racing and cruising from WKSC in a boat which will not require the very intensive and skilled maintenance work needed by the traditional wooden fleets.

There are currently 8 Limbos on the books at WKSC.

2017 saw the fleet started at WKSC, with boats sourced from all over the UK, some in very good condition, and some less so, as might be expected with a fleet of 35/40 year old boats. The introductory season saw some sailing and racing as the boats arrived and were recommissioned, and proved that the Limbos sail beautifully, ride happily at moorings and can also take the ground without problems at West Kirby.

The Limbo has four berths, two in a fore cabin, and two more in the main cabin, still leaving room for a small galley area and navigation area. There are full guard rails and a large self-draining cockpit providing security while sailing and plenty of room for leisure sailing. Race crew would normally be 4 people, but they could be happily cruised with two. All boats carry an outboard motor.

In original standard specification these boats offer excellent sailing performance, with a large spinnaker for exciting downwind racing. None of these boats has been expensive to buy, and many have come with good sails and equipment. The 2018 WKSC sailing programme includes scheduled racing for Limbos, participation in specific Club events such as the Long Distance Race, Mostyn Race, Commodores Cruise and of course the annual Regatta. An enthusiastic group also have plans for trying out the cruising potential of these fast pretty boats with a proposed weekend visit to Beaumaris – weather permitting!

The fleet will always be happy to have crews or take potential owners sailing. There is a WhatsApp group for interested parties to keep up to date.

Please contact Bob Mosedale on 07913 633439 for more information,