Snitchy’s Ramblings


Finally, it’s welcome back Snitchy, after two weeks of being ignored, left idly twiddling my toestraps whilst everyone is out living it up on the waves. NOT FAIR. I caught a glimpse of Owner last week, running off with a fleet of Albacores. Here is the little chat we had afterwards;

Sunday was the perfect reaching day, but the dastardly race officer had other ideas. He set us some mammoth upwind/downwind courses in a blustery Southerly wind. The first course was A,B,I,D,G,F. That’s a lot of marks for a little boat to remember. It came with some instructions that the RS300’s took to heart – After Buoy, Invert. Dynamic General Frolic. And Frolic they did. Each boat tried to outdo the other on capsize style. It was like watching a basketball slam dunk competition of such spectacular quality that even the Lasers started to join in.

The wind increased and the second course spelt it out for us; B,G,A,F,I, meaning Barbaric Gusts, Avoid Falling In. By this time, a third of the fleet had gone home. As I was banned from the Dunk contest by my Owner, I spent a happy afternoon trying to sail in an Albacore instead. Ian McClean’s “Albe Back” and I were destined to be together that day. Me with the downwind flighty speed that I’m famous for in a blow and “Albe” of the upwind QE2 full steam ahead style. We were like hare and tortoise around the course, our booms and bodies magnetically drawn to each other at various mark roundings. See Owner? You didn’t like me being in an Albacore either did you? And you still owe me a reach.

Until next time,
toodles, Snitchy