Winter Tidal series race report and latest PRATT results

Anthony Marston reports:

2018 Winter Tidal Series.

At least 27 boats were rigged and ready at the top of the slipway for races 5 & 6 of the WKSC Winter Tidal Handicap Series last Saturday in grim conditions: 15 – 18 Knots NW to N wind, raining and not more than 5 degrees C. Not everyone launched, probably quite sensibly. Many discovered that it wasn’t for them and retired to the club house to warm up. Seven boats finished the first race and four in the second race of which visitors numbered three and two respectively. The waves coming on to the slipway made it slow to launch the Optimists; two helpers needed for each boat. An order has been placed for a breakwater. Those that got afloat enjoyed the sail though the running start was obviously something to be avoided by all but one. 36 boats have so far competed in the series; 23 adult boats, 13 junior boats. Thanks go to all those who were on the RIBS, slipway and otherwise supporting the sailing.