Winter Tidal Series @ WKSC


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Eligible competitors are all Club members who sail in any of the Club’s tidal or dinghy classes and invited visitors who are signed in to the visitors book according to club rules.


Many and varied: overall series prize, individual race prizes awarded on the day, special prizes for valour, personal handicap prizes

Additional Information

 The objective in running a tidal winter series is to :

  • satisfy the ‘demand’ for more demanding sailing on the estuary though it is understood that winter conditions can effect ‘demand’ !
  • encourage easy format tidal sailing where all may compete
  • encourage more folk to have a go at race management under supervision. If you are interested please contact Tony on 07855 831060 or email
  • invite sailing friends to join us and win some new members
  • give all concerned some fun throughout the winter months
  • try something new/develop from last year’s Winter Tidal Series.