West Kirby Sailing Club is an approved Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and our membership application process follows CASC Guidelines, this means we are proactive and welcoming to all new members.

Membership categories are grouped into various price bands which take account of different circumstances including age, distance living away from the Club and number of people in household. Those aged over 65 (after 3 years membership) or under 30 can enjoy subscriptions at a reduced rate.

We also have an outport membership category for those who live a distance away from the Club (defined by postcodes) for more than eight months of the year. Family membership means that only one subscription is payable for all the children in the household aged between 7 and 18.

You don’t have to know anyone in the club in order to join. Ideally, pop into the club or come when sailing is on in summer months (most evenings and weekends) and meet the members who can tell you more about the Club.  Even in the winter there will usually be someone to show you round on Friday evenings or Sunday lunchtimes/afternoons.


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