Please fill in a separate form for partners and each family member if appropriate to accompany this form:

Payment can be either : Direct debit via GoCardless which can be paid monthly or annually. This will be linked once this form is completed (we won't take any money until your application is accepted).
You can call the office and set up payment directly with the sailing club.

1. Membership of WKSC is open to anyone interested in participating in the sport of sailing on application,
regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.
Membership may be limited according to available facilities on a non-discriminatory basis.

2. SAILING EXPERIENCE; WKSC welcomes new members who have little or no past experience of sailing
and have a genuine desire to learn to sail. If you do not own a boat we strongly recommend that you defer
any purchase until after joining the Club and you have time to decide what will be most appropriate.

3. Once received, applicants will be contacted by a member of the Membership Committee and invited to an
Introductory Meeting with two or three club members. This informal meeting is to allow prospective
members to express their plans for sailing, and for the club members to explain about the activities of the
Club, identify helpful contacts (such as Fleet Captains) and to advise on suitable types of boat if relevant.

4. PARTICIPATION: The club is run by Members for the benefit of all Members. As a Community Amateur
Sports Club (CASC) it is expected that Members will, from time to time, contribute to the running of club
activities and to volunteer for different tasks as requested by the Officers of the club and its committees.
There are also several courses available to learn about, for the safe running of club events. New Members
are actively encouraged to take part.

5. ENTRANCE FEE AND SUBSCRIPTION. Once the Induction meeting has been completed satisfactorily,
applications will be formally accepted subject to the payment of the appropriate subscription and an
Entrance Fee as defined in the current Club Rules. Membership shall not take effect until these fees are paid.

6. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscriptions are payable on the first day of October each year. For the first year of membership, subscription will be payable on a pro rata basis for the number of full or part months remaining in the year.

7. OUTPORT CLASSIFICATION. Outport Membership applies to members living outside the defined Inport Post Code areas for more than eight months of the year. A list of Inport Post Codes is available from the Hon. Registrar (Outport Classification includes Members living overseas).

8. BOAT BERTHS. Application must be made to the Captain for boat berthing, which is not an automatic right
of membership. All fees must be paid in advance otherwise a surcharge may be made.


9. BOAT INSURANCE. In accordance with Club Regulations, adequate insurance, including third party
cover,an absolute requirement before any boat is brought, or left, on Club premises. By signing this
form you agree to indemnify West Kirby Sailing Club against any loss occasioned by any defect in any
insurances on any boat that you own that is on Club premises

10. MARINE LAKE LICENCES. All boats using the Marine Lake require a licence. The club has entered into an
agreement to buy an en bloc licence from the council, for the benefit of its members. The licence, which is
heavily subsidized by the club, is totally separate from membership and is available from the Office
Administrator. Any boat owner sailing on the marine lake and not holding a valid licence, will do so in
contradiction of the club’s rules and may be subject to disciplinary action under rule 19 of the club’s
general rules.

11. Application forms should be returned to The Hon Registrar via the office at WKSC, or by email to
office@wksc.org.uk .