The RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme Mission Statement:

“To allow sailing clubs to offer everyone fairer racing between different classes”. 


Key Messages (found at the end of the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Introduction):

– The RYA only makes RECOMMENDATIONS to clubs
– In order to run an effective scheme the clubs MUST take control of their own racing
– The clubs should develop their own handicap list to tailor for their local factors
– If a handicap is deemed to be ‘wrong’ it is up for the club to analyse race data and make an adjustment if required.

The RYA publish the PY list each year at the London Dinghy Exhibition (March) following returns made by clubs in the previous autumn.

The West Kirby SC PY LIST 2020 is in operation with immediate effect. This list enables members to compare PY numbers at West Kirby SC derived from the RYA’s 2020 list, previous WKSC PY list 2019 and RYA PY archive. My notes give reason or a relevant note. I urge members to communicate with me if they see any other anomalies or wish to discuss the PY scheme.

The WKSC PY List 2020 applies to club racing, open handicap racing and regatta racing at West Kirby SC until further notice and may be updated at any time to ensure fair sailing.

Tony Marston
Handicapping Officer