West Kirby Sailing Club – Handicap Racing 2022

Most handicap sailing is based on the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme. The RYA describes the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme as follows:
The Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme aims to handicap boats based on their relative performance against the boats they race with. Handicaps are allocated and administered by clubs to suit their local factors such as boat types, wind trends and water type as well as enabling the club to evaluate crew skill factor.
The RYA publish the PY list each year at the London Dinghy Exhibition (March) following returns made by clubs in the previous autumn. The RYA made no changes in the 2022 list from 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.
The West Kirby SC PY LIST 2022 is in operation from the start of series W in April 2022.
This list enables members to compare PY numbers at West Kirby SC to the 2021 list and to the RYA’s 2022 list.. My notes give my reasons where applicable.
I urge members to communicate with me if they see any other anomalies or wish to discuss the PY
The WKSC PY List 2022 applies to club racing, open handicap racing and regatta racing at West Kirby SC until further notice and may be updated at any time to ensure fair sailing.
Tony Marston
Handicapping Officer