West Kirby Sailing Club &
Dee Sailing Club Regatta Weekend

25 June - 27 June

Our weekend regatta with Dee Sailing Club is back to its normal format and hopefully on shore activities back to normality

This year sees the return of the round Hilbre Island race on the Friday by popular demand. This race was one of the highlights for most sailors so it is definitely worth entering, better yet, its FREE!

The Saturday and Sunday will follow the usual regatta format, 2 races on Saturday for Dee SC and 2 races on Sunday for West Kirby SC.

We want to make this weekend as good as we can, and more information will be published in due course.

If you have any questions, please email regatta@wksc.org.uk

Sailing Instructions will be made available from 22 June.


Thank you to Brimstage Brewery who are kindly sponsoring the Round Hilbre Race.

Brimstage Brewery – Beer with real character

Hilbre Island Race
Illusions Regatta

The regatta weekend starts with a unique race around Hilbre Island. This race is not to be missed and is a marvellous sail for sailors of all skill levels.

Dee Sailing Club Regatta


Saturday brings the Dee Sailing Club regatta. Dee Sailing Club are hosting 2 races on the river Dee which will test the  most seasoned of sailors.

WKSC Regatta


Sunday brings the WKSC Regatta. WKSC are hosting 2 tidal races in a similar format to Saturdays racing. 

Sailing for everyone
It does not matter what your sailing ability is, as long as you are comfortable with the sailing conditions we will happily see you out on the water. There is plenty more than just sailing across the weekend though including some amazing evening entertainment.
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