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Hilbres Racing

Falcon Championships 2016 in Wallasey

Finn Masters 2016 on West Kirby Marine Lake

Firefly Open Meeting 2016

GP14 Open Meeting 2016

Finn Sailing


WKSC Programme 18.04 —> 24.04

Wilson Trophy

As you are all aware the Wilson Trophy is just around the corner (4th, 5th & 6th May) and we still need hosts. With 3 weeks to go, we still have 5 teams without accommodation… Please see below for some

West Kirby Athena

Snitchy’s Rumbles in the Boatpark.

Welcome back friends! Well, it’s official. My Owner has gone barking mad. She’s run off to join the circus. I overheard the gossip amongst the boats this week and they were talking about her extraordinary talents on the flying trapeze.

WKSC Newsletter 18th April


President’s Race – Saturday 14th April

  26th boats turned out for this inaugural tidal event. The conditions suited the Albacore class who took the top 3 places, with Glen and Rosie Hughes taking first from Mike and Ann De St Paer, followed by Nikki and