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Falcon Championships 2016 in Wallasey

Finn Masters 2016 on West Kirby Marine Lake

Firefly Open Meeting 2016

GP14 Open Meeting 2016

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Snitchy’s Travels to Shropshire.

Hello – it’s Snitchy the RS Aero reporting back after my travels last weekend. Owner must have listened to my bitter complaints about only going out once a week, because she pitched up on Friday afternoon, rigged me up and

Report on WKSC Optimist Race Team attending the Volvo Gill Optimist End of Season Championship 2017 Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy October 7th and October 8th.

The class association has three ranking events a year and it was good to see so many Optimist sailors from our club travel down to WPNSA. 8 boats from the flotilla made the trip.   Saturday saw quite a breeze

Snitchy’s Rantings.

Hi there my adoring fans. It’s Snitchy the RS Aero checking in after my Once-A-Week outing. I’m a little boat in mourning for the glorious flag-cracking, solar punching days of summer (and getting out more than once a week). I’m

This week’s programme:

Start of term update from University of Manchester:

The start of our academic year is always busy with lots of sign ups at our Freshers Fair. We held two ‘Come and Sail’ tasters days and one Team Trials day at WK over the last two weekends, which were

Snitchy’s Ramblings

  Finally, it’s welcome back Snitchy, after two weeks of being ignored, left idly twiddling my toestraps whilst everyone is out living it up on the waves. NOT FAIR. I caught a glimpse of Owner last week, running off with a