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Dinghy Course Cards

Course cards can be found here.

The sailing regulations and Sis are in the club handbook and for dinghies are standard for
both lake and tidal racing. Only the course card is different. These notes are not rules but
are for general assistance. The start boat for dinghy tidal racing will normally be Arvor and
flying the club burgee. Competitors are warned to pay attention and follow Arvor to
where it takes up position.

Before the starting signal:
The course letter will be displayed on the committee boat. The Race Officer may elect to
run a race based on average lap times and fly code flag B from the Committee boat.
(Please note that course A is not suitable for average lap times).
The course for subsequent races may be changed without notice before the next warning

If a change of sailing instruction is required on the water:
A Sound signal drawing the attention to the code flag L and reasonable time will be given
to the competitors to come alongside the committee oat and receive instructions either
verbally or in writing. The onus is on the competitors to remain close to the committee
boat between races.

The Start will be between the orange flag on the committee boat and a mark (SM) on her
port side.

Starting procedure: Rule 26 is amended to 3, 2, 1 minutes.
The Finish will be between SM and the committee boat. The Race Officer may elect to
shorten the course at any mark of the course, by flying a blue flag and the shorten course
flag. The committee boat should be positioned on the side of the buoy that the boats
would normally pass if they were continuing the course and square to the general
direction from the previous mark, thereby creating a finishing line.

Marks: These will normally be orange inflatable pillar buoys but are not numbered. The
SM will normally be a round mark with a flag on top.

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