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West Kirby Sailing Club – Handicap Racing 2023

Tony Marston – Handicapping Officer – handicap list attached at the bottom.

There are quite a lot of changes in this year’s WKSC PY Numbers reflecting ‘The Great
Lakes Handicapping’ which uses the RYA PY system, data from the winter Sail Juice
Series sponsored by Selden and a method that improves on the accuracy of the PY
numbers. This series of races held at various venues around GB attracts enthusiastic
sailors from various classes. (Lets face it, you have to be enthusiastic to turn out in the
winter in the first place). They blend this with the RYA’s numbers published annually at the
Dinghy Exhibition. Both the RYA and the Great Lakes Team encourage clubs to adjust the
PY’s to suit their own conditions.

I have taken the opportunity to use the Great Lakes numbers but adjusting them with my
own judgement to maintain fairness where I think it necessary.

I urge members to communicate with me if they see any anomalies or wish to discuss the
PY handicaps. I have no qualms in changing numbers during the season if change is
needed. BUT there must be a reason for the change and that means sailing in the
handicap races on the lake and / or the estuary.

The WKSC PY List 2023 applies to club racing, open handicap racing and regatta
racing at West Kirby SC from 31st March 2023 until further notice and may be
updated at any time to ensure fair sailing.

Tony Marston

You can find further information at:
Great Lakes Handicaps –
Portsmouth Yardstick System -Royal Yachting Association – > technical > handicapping
yachtsand – Yuletime Yardsticks

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