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Following the introduction of the ‘Great Lakes PY Handicaps and after the Presidents Race I am
making the following adjustments to the WKSC PY’s as follows:
HILBRE 1260 (was 1277)
MIRROR 1375 (was 1387)
My considerations were:
Presidents Race:
Good conditions: 15 Kts SE steady for most part easing late on in the race. 9.1 Mtr tide HW 13:03
RO positioned committee boat well away from hazards (cliffs, Dart 18 Open)
Course: fair for all… reasonable beat, run and 2 x short reaches.
Race conducted: 45 minutes on the flood, approx.. 30 to 40 minutes on the ebb).
PY advantage to spinnaker boats and to slower boats being lifted by the tide upwind ( i.e. tide running
in opposite direction to wind). However, as always there are many variables.
Shortened Course flag hoisted approx.13:28 First finisher 13:29 (ICOD 333 6th overall).
Average duration 87.83 Mins. Median 89.35. Winner (if IC321 included see * below) 83.59 duration.
First Finisher duration after S Flag IC333 74.51 finished 6th, Max duration Solo5794 101.13 mins.
In respect of considering changes I do the following:
 Put back into the results any boats that were OCS ( IC321 and Solo5794)
 Look for significant numbers of any class in top 5, top 10.
 Compare lap times if recorded
 Look for significant winning margins and reasons why
 Listen to competitors narratives
 Fairness factor considerations:
 ‘Every dog has its day’: it can be that the conditions simply favour a particular class
 If the national champion of xyz class is racing and sails well you would expect her/him to
be well up the rankings.

Apply any proposed changes to see effect on previous results.
The above changes would not have changed the winner (Hilbre 5), The 3rd boat (Hilbre 1) would have
swapped places with the second boat (Mirror 70499). The overall winner would have been the IC321
but for being OCS !
WKSC PYs under constant review. There are likely to be more changes as the season progresses.

Tony Marston
Handicapping Officer

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