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RACING AT WKSC – End of Winter- Early Spring 2021

Due to the normal process and timing of producing the Handbook for the forthcoming 2021-2022 season, the racing season in February should have commenced by the time the Handbook is published and circulated to our membership. 

I have therefore published the Racing Programme for February, March and April 2021 on the Web-Site for information. BUT and a big but, there is currently no racing on the Tide or the Lake due to COVID restrictions, and whilst we are in the Government’s hands, we are anticipating that there will be no racing in any form at WKSC until the end of February/early March at best. We will of course re-commence racing at the first opportunity and keep all members informed. The Sailing Committee will consider the issues of completion of Series as required.

Any queries, please contact me.

Jonathan Atkinson
Rear Commodore – Sailing

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