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The Adventures of Zippy Zero

Zippy’s Christmas Message.

As we’re into December and it’s the time of year when famous and distinguished personalities bestow their thoughts and good wishes upon their public, I thought it was time for a festive Zippy blog.

It’s been a fabulous first season with my dippy Owner and we sure have racked up some miles and made some great friends. I honour you all with my fondest Christmas wishes here.

Back at home, the sailing programme has eased off a little and the travelling is nearly over, leaving a possible final jaunt over to North Wales for the Port Dinorwic Christmas Regatta coming Saturday. Their notice of race mentioned the compulsory wearing of fancy festive wear and, with this in mind, I have written a little reminder song for my Owner…

Enough said, you’ve been warned.

Back at West Kirby, we were out on Sunday for the last two tidal races of the year. It’s been a strange series, which started back in the end of September; had a 3 week gap and then a five week stretch until the tide was once more sailable. The clientele also ebbed and flowed, with anything from 2 to 15 boats out at a time; from Oppies to Int Canoes.

The final Sunday started with a sharp frost, which turned my blue boatcover into a white fleece.

It warmed up enough to entice 9 boats out and a gentle breeze allowed Race Officer Jean-Louis to get an Olympic course laid and the first race under way.

The series leader, Peter Jones in his Laser had an unfortunate capsize on the second lap; shades of my performance earlier in the series, when I also did a Cormorant impersonation during a long run in light airs. Owner was 80% asleep, well forward and mesmerised by the gentle lapping of water on my hull, so didn’t notice my bows sneaking off on a small wave until my boom was pointing skywards. On that occasion, Peter passed us (turtled by then) and enquired after our good health and poor fortune, before tootling off to win the race. Sadly, I was not nearby on Sunday to offer to call the RNLI for assistance, but saw him upright amongst the slow handicap fleet, so assume he was in safe hands.

The Albacore of Ruth and Thomas Teubner proved too flighty to catch in both races and took 2 wins on handicap. With a double discard now in play for the series, it was still an open game between myself and the Laser in the final race. I aimed to stay as close as possible to the IC’s of Dan Skinner and Stu Dawson and, in the dropping wind, they were not too far ahead. The race was shortened giving me a 2nd place ahead of both Canoes on handicap, to give me the Series. Meanwhile, the Laser was still struggling against the strengthening tide for a slower finish just ahead of Mike and Ann St. Paer in their Heron, who took the Slow Handicap Series after their two wins on the day.

So ended another fabulous day of bright sunshine, fair breeze and fun. The Owners were treated to free hot soup from the Galley and us boats were treated to a magnificent winter sunset over Wales.

Have a cool yule y’all!  Zippy Zero

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